Covid-19 Update: Thank you to our dedicated D’Agostino associates who are working tirelessly to take care of our neighborhood customers. Thank you to our wonderful customers for your patience during this time.

For the safety of our customers and associates, D’Agostino Supermarket associates are provided gloves and we have just secured masks for their protection.  Sneeze guards are being installed at the checkout lanes.  We have hired an outside cleaning service that specializes in deep cleaning the entire store and products after hours. We continue to sanitize throughout the day to clean off shopping carts, hand baskets, door handles, credit card pin pads, ATM machine screens, and checkout lanes.

Senior citizen, immunocompromised and disabled neighbors shopping hours: We are asking our customers to prioritize the hours of 7am-8am daily for our senior citizens, immunocompromised and disabled neighbors. The most vulnerable in our communities would greatly appreciate it.

Online Shopping – Due to extremely high demand, Delivery times maybe longer then expected. We are working hard to get every order out as quickly as possible.


We Appreciate your patience and understanding during these difficult times